Norrevångsskolan 7-9 and Special primary school Bredablick in Eslöv have a project together called “Physical activity for learning”. Principal Susanne Svensson explains: – All our students have movement every day in the form of sports and health or pulse training. The school has “active classrooms” and the classrooms are largely furnished for students with NPF. In most of the lessons the teachers interrupts with “brain breaks” to optimize the students focus during class. The school has three teams and three full-time mentors. The school’s sports association has two projects running; “Young people leading young people” for F-6 and youth leaders working with the professional ice hockey club Malmö Redhawks. The school is also working with a doctoral mathematics developer to increase attainment in mathematics. In only four years, Norrevångsskolan 7-9 has increased eligibility for upper secondary school from 67.9% to 92.2%!


In the academic year 2017/2018, the project began with heart rate classes at Norrevångsskolan in collaboration with special primary school Bredablick . This means that three days a week the students have a short pulse session where they perform heart rate training and activities for a short period of 20-30 min.


At the same time as the pulse project started, we also started to develop our active classrooms at Norrevång 7-9. This may mean that brain-breaks are carried out during the theoretical sessions, but it also means that the classrooms are set up for physical activity. Among other things, there are lots of whiteboards and standing tables but also sit bikes, pilates balls, tactile materials, etc. This has contributed to increased goal achievement at the school!


At Norrevångsskolan 7-9, in cooperation with Bredablick, 8 to 10 health days are held every school year where the traditional teaching is broken. The health days always include physical activity such as skiing, volleyball, orienteering, etc., but at our school this is often combined with the theoretical subjects also “moving out” their teaching to outdoor activities. This may involve writing poetry in the forest or creating artwork on the ski slopes.

All pupils at Norrevångsskolan 7-9 and Bredablicksskolan are offered the opportunity to become members of NIF school sports association, free of charge! NIF has activities two days a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays, immediately following the end of the school day in the sports hall Eslövshallen. In addition to the projects described on the front page, the pupils themselves control the activities at NIF and there are teachers on hand to support and help. There is everything from football to climbing walls and gym training. The activity conditions in Eslövshallen are fantastic! Participation is voluntary and the only requirement for regular attendance is if the pupil wants to compete under the NIF name, for example in the school football championships.


In the 2019/2020 academic year, Norrevång 7-9 switched to full-time mentors. This has shown in evaluations that students feel more accessibility for help from the mentors, teaching staff have more time to be teachers and the stress among teachers is reduced. Guardians and pupils have more opportunity to interact with mentors and teachers are able to provide clearer direct feedback on subject-specific issues.


All above has contributed to increased goal achievement at school, more focused students and less incidents!

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