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Say Hi to the NEW mobile app

We know that after rain there is always sunshine.
Through tough times we have the tools to keep you going and motivated, active and healthy. Check out the New Activio mobile app. 

There is so many good features built in to our ACTIVIO mobile app to motivate you to stay active during lock downs and work at home. We want to highlight some of the really good features.

To get the most out of your training and get your own Activio Armband OHR or Activio Smart Belt.

Send an email to: to get your own piece and collect all your heart rate data, steps, distance and more.


Stay connected and train online with “PROFILE BY CODE”

All it takes is access to any cardio equipment or outdoor access, a smartphone with the ACTIVIO mobile app, and the unique access code for your training. The workout begins automatically when you start the session after granted access from your fitness club, PT or instructor. Follow the workout, and stays in sync with the instructor’s workout during the duration of the class.We call it world class training anywhere!
Follow these simple steps: Add new profile via code granted by Personal Trainer, fitness club or instructor.

  • Download the class profile.
  • Choose the profile and start workout.

STAY MOTIVATED – Challenge your friends

This feature is a motivating way to stay connected to friends and challenge them in any cardio session. Anyone can challenge their friends in heart rate or power based workouts (watts), no matter where they are in the world.
The challenges can be performed on any cardio equipment or just by using own body resistance.

All it takes is access to a smartphone with the ACTIVIO mobile app, invite your friend and start the challenge.Stays as close to the core of the workout and gather maximum APS (Activio Points).

Follow these simple steps:

  • Add a New Challenge
  • Invite your friend by typing name or email, write name or email and click search 

  • Click on your friends profile
  • Choose the class profile you want to use and compete against

  • Pending the period for your friend to accept and perform the challenge. You can do yours and wait to get results from your friends workout.
  • Compare and see who got best value for the performed challenge, good luck! 
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