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For over 13 years we have created solutions for the most demanding environments within the pro-sport segment, the fitness industry and for schools. Always based on passion for quality and design. Always with focus on clubs, facilities and people who are serious about their training, to have fun while doing it – and results. Because we believe that training, fun and results belong together.

Activio is a Swedish company which provides performance measurement systems to the fitness and professional sports industries with focus on the global health and fitness market. Activio is a forerunner within heart rate and power group training, being the first in its field to offer systems developed specifically for group training.

Today more health and fitness clubs worldwide use Activio’s solutions on a daily basis. Also, schools, universities and elite professional sports teams are using Activio’s solutions to further develop the training on an individual level. Broadcast media has discovered Activio’s solutions and heart rate technology as a excellent way to enhance the experience for tv-viewers worldwide. Activio’s solutions makes effective, motivating heart rate based training, suitable for everyone.

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Made in Sweden

Made in Sweden

Activio’s solutions provides individuals, during group training, with a unique workout experience and a valuable tool in determining the correct exertion level for optimizing training results.

Activio helps individuals to exercise with greater quality and precision.


This has proven to strengthen health club member loyalty and increase retention. Simply put, exercising with Activio’s solutions is a greater training experience and satisfaction.

The Activio head office is located in Stockholm, Sweden with multiple resellers in several countries.

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